Sunset Grill & Bar

A member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Sunset Grill&Bar offers a vast selection of seasonal dishes from Mediterranean, Turkish cuisine, Sushi bar and “New Japanese Cuisine”. We are an ideal venue for business lunches and dinners as well as an enjoyable lunch or dinner with friends or family. Our spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas have comfortable and casual seating, yet with a classic décor, offering wonderful views of Bosphorus strait and Asian shoreline.

We are open Monday-Saturday from noon to 3:00pm for lunch and daily from 7:00pm to midnight for dinner.

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Sunset Dreamin 2014 SUNSET 20th Tear Private Collection: Sunset Dreamin

Our family's adventure that began in 1800s in Bozcaada by viticulture and continued through wine production in 1933 was crowned by Sunset Dreamin' which was produced for the l5th year anniversary of Sunset. For Sunset's 20th year anniversary in 2014 we paired Suvla's limited production wine reowned for its delicacy and balance with the artworks of Burhan Doğançay, the leading contemporary artist of our country as a courtesy for our family history and our heritage From the vineyards of the past to present day, we hope you'll enjoy the taste of our Sunset dream...

2010 Sunset Dreamin New Moon
After the vintage and delicate vinifıcation process, this private blend red wine which embodies power and balance is partially aged in 100% new oak barrels for 12 months. Sunset Dreamin New Moon demonstrates a rich aroma with bilberry, prune, black pepper, dried mint, chocolate and walnut notes on the nose. It has a smooth body with a strong and aromatic essence. The finish of this special reserve wine has notes of coffee, apricot and roasted nut.
2011 Sunset Dreamin Half Moon
Sunset Dreamin Half Moon is composed of mainly Syrah, Merlot varieties, and has touches of Karasakız, Grenache Noir and Cabernet Franc. It is partially aged in oak barrels for 14 montlıs. It accentuates well developed fruity nuances on the nose. Due to its complex structure, it has a balanced and impressive finish.
2011 Sunset Dreamin’ Full Moon
This single plot, organic Cabernet Sauvignon variety is meticulously selected for aromatic complexity and strong structure, and then aged for 12 months in oak barrels after the vinifıcation process. All barrels are tasted by oenologists, and only a few of the very best barrels are selected for Sunset Dreamin Full Moon 2011, and thus it assures an impeccable erperience for all wine lovers with its strong body and aromatic structure.

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