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Name: Ulus Turistik Tesisler ve Yatırım Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (Sunset Grill&Bar) Address: Kuruçeşme Mah. Yol Sk. No:2 Ulus Park, Ulus, Beşiktaş/İstanbul Central Registration System (MERSIS) No: 0889036435200019 Phone/ Fax: +90 (212) 287 03 57 - 58 E-mail:

As used herein, a Buyer hereunder means such person(s) who request(s) for a reservation to receive service in Sunset Grill&Bar (hereinafter referred to as “Restaurant”). Such personal data provided by the Buyer at the time of request for reservation (booking) shall be taken as basis for the Contract.


This Contract is intended to set forth and govern the terms and conditions applicable to the pre-payment (pre-authorization) to be collected by the Seller from the Buyer’s credit card in connection with such reservation to be made by the Buyer for receiving service in the Restaurant and to define the respective rights and obligations of the Parties in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code No 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation.


Where the Buyer wishes to make a reservation via phone or e-mail, the Seller shall collect a pre-authorization in a specific amount from the Buyer’s credit card by using the virtual POS. For such purpose, the Buyer shall enter the credit card details to the virtual POS system that appears in the link message sent by the Seller to the Buyer’s e-mail or mobile phone. Pre-authorization amount may vary depending on the time of booking and/ or the number of persons. The amount to be collected as a pre-authorization shall be stated in the link to be sent.

When the Buyer arrives at the Restaurant on the booked day and time, the Seller shall cancel the said pre-authorization transaction executed as described above and the Buyer shall be only liable for the bill to be paid in the Restaurant.

The Buyer declares that credit card details belong to him/her; that he/she is over the age of 18 and for services that are regulated subject to an age limit, he/she and any other person accompanying him/her are of appropriate ages and have the necessary legal competence to receive such services. The Seller reserves its right to cease/ cancel the reservation in case it finds out that the information provided by the Buyer does not reflect the reality. The Buyer shall be obliged to indemnify the Seller against all its losses that the latter may sustain on account of the Buyer’s acts in breach of this Article.

The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the reservation shall be completed upon the successful collection of the pre-authorization amount. When the pre-authorization amount is collected and the reservation is made, a confirmation message shall be sent to the Buyer’s mobile phone.

The Seller may adjust the reservation date and time in a manner that they would suit the parties, or may cancel the reservation completely, where circumstances may dictate it. Upon cancellation, the amount that is collected as pre-authorization shall be refunded. Where reservation time is changed or the reservation is cancelled, the Seller shall reach out to the Buyer via his/her mobile phone to duly inform him/her. The Buyer may not assert any claim against the Seller in this respect.

The Buyer agrees and represents that he/she gives his/her explicit consent that information provided by him/her during the reservation may be processed and transferred by the Seller under the Personal Data Protection Code and other applicable legislation.


The Buyer may exercise his/her right of withdrawal and cancel the reservation within 14 (fourteen) days following the completion of the reservation application, and at least 2 (two) hours prior to the reservation time.. In such a case, pre-authorization collection shall be cancelled and the Buyer shall not pay any penalty. In case a sum has been withdrawn from the Buyer’s credit card, this amount shall be refunded to the same credit card within 14 (fourteen) days. When the Buyer uses his/her right of withdrawal in line with this Article, the Seller notifies the Buyer to confirm that the request for withdrawal is received by it. The time for a chargeback to appear in a credit card account shall be at the discretion of the relevant bank.

Where the Buyer does not use his/her right of withdrawal in line with Article 4.1 and fails to appear in the Restaurant on the reserved date and time, the pre-authorization amount drawn by the Seller shall convert into an authorization amount and it shall be withdrawn and collected. Where the Buyer appears by at least 30 (thirty) minutes late after the reservation time, he/she shall be deemed not to have come at all and the Seller shall act accordingly. The Buyer consents that payment shall be collected from his/her credit card in such a case and he/she shall not be entitled to assert any right or claim.

The Buyer shall send all notices, including the notice of withdrawal pursuant to Article 4, in writing by way of using the Seller’s contact details above. The Seller shall send all notices related hereto to the Buyer’s mobile phone.

Where a dispute arises from the performance of this Contract, Consumer Arbitration Panels shall have jurisdiction over disputes the value of which is below the sum set and published annually in line with Article 68 of the Consumer Protection Code no. 6502, and the Consumer Courts in the venue where the Seller’s head office is located or where the Buyer resides shall have jurisdiction over disputes with higher values.

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