Sunset Grill&Bar

Sunset Grill&Bar has been awarded many international and local awards.

Located at Ulus Park, overlooking a magnificent view of the Bosphorus, awarded in 2023 “the Best Service ” by Michelin, Sunset Grill&Bar is one of the best representatives of the city’s “fine dining” tradition since 1994.

In its early years Sunset introduced Californian Cuisine to a discerning clientele, especially garner a reputation with grilled steaks.

The restaurant continued to come up with innovative ideas over the years such as reinterpreting various authentic dishes of Turkish Cuisine as requested by the restaurant’s international guests and launching a Sushi Bar for the first time in Turkey in 1999.

Still one of the best Sushi addresses in town, Sunset invited world renowned Japanese Chef Hiroki Takemura for 3 months both in 2006 and 2007.

Coming back once again in 2008 Takemura joined the team to work until January 2019, enriching Sunset’s menu with a choice of starters and main courses representing his New Japanese Cuisine.

Sunset Grill&Bar
Sunset Grill&Bar

Having joined the team in 2015 as the Director of Culinary Innovation, Chef Fabrice Canelle on the other hand brought a fresh Mediterranean touch to Sunset’s menu with the nature inspired dishes he is known for.

From the beginning of 2024, Sunset's kitchen will be entrusted to Executive Chef Marios Tsouris, after a journey that extends from the quality of Michelin star restaurants to the top restaurants of the world's metropolises.

Today Sunset Grill&Bar serves a vast selection of Mediterranean, Turkish and Japanese cuisines along with a Sushi Bar.

A member of Châine des Rôtisseurs since 1999, Sunset Grill&Bar is the only Turkish restaurant to be invited by the James Beard Foundation to New York to prepare delicious meals representing Turkish Cuisine. Please read on to see all the awards Sunset Grill&Bar has received to date.

Sunset is at your service 6 days a week between 12:00 pm - 00:00 am and Sundays between 17:00 pm - 00:00 am.

We Value The Environment

At Sunset Grill&Bar we use renewable, wind energy for all our energy needs. We are also one of the first venues to join the Green Generation Restaurant Movement and became a Green Generation Restaurant in 2015.

We Value The Environment
We Support Education

We Support Education

Since 2014, instead of throwing a party, we donate the revenues of our anniversary events to Boğaziçi University Foundation to create scholarships for students.

As of 2023 we have contributed to the education of more than 200 students.

We Add Value To Art

As part of our collaboration with Villeroy & Boch in 2007 and 2011 Sunset has released two limited edition plate collections decorated with patterns from the world-renowned Turkish artist Burhan Doğançay’s Ribbons series of paintings.

While some are used for our restaurant service at Sunset, the remaining plates are offered for sale for the benefit of the Doğançay Art, Culture and Education Foundation.

With the mission of promoting Turkish painting both in Turkey and abroad, the foundation helps underprivileged primary school children get more involved with art and become visionary individuals through art education.

Please read on to learn more about Sunset’s outlook on art and the objects and artworks exhibited at our venue.

We Add Value To Art

Our Family

Barış Tansever


The restaurant and entertainment industry is an important part of my life. Success is not given, it is earned. At Sunset, our philosophy is to be one step ahead of the industry, not 5 steps ahead. It is difficult to be successful in a competitive and cosmopolitan city like Istanbul, but it is even more difficult to maintain this success.

Barış Tansever stepped into the restaurant and entertainment industry organizing private parties at the most popular venues of the time while he was still a student at the Business Administration Department of Turkey’s prominent Boğaziçi University.

After graduation he managed Boğazici University Alumni Association’s BURC Restaurant in 1992 and 1993, and realized his Sunset dream in 1994 when he was only 27 years old.

He successfully chaired the board of the Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association from its inception in 2003 until 2011 and continues his support as a member of the Board of Directors. He is also a board member and a member of the Board of Trustees at Boğaziçi University Foundation.


Gazi Akyol

Restaurant Manager GAZİ AKYOL

I am proud of being a member of the Sunset family and invite you to visit our restaurant over and over again!

Our Restaurant Manager Gazi Akyol brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry accumulated over the past 44 years.

Born in Sivas in 1954, he started working in the restaurant and entertainment industry at the age of 13. After working at a variety of fine dining establishments and clubs in many different positions, he joined the Sunset Grill& Bar team as Restaurant Manager in 1994.

İsmail Gökmen


In 1999, sushi entered our lives with a very bold and radical decision for that time. We learned such concepts as sashimi, maki and nigiri. Sushi, which, until then, was unheard of in Istanbul, caught on instantly, and Sunset not only stayed as a summer restaurant but turned into a winter atmosphere also. In 2004 by participating in a tender hosted by the government Barış Tansever acquired a significant portion of the four-thousand-bottle vintage wine, cognac and champagne collection and then we had Turkey's richest cellar.

İsmail Gökmen, who started working with Sunset in 1994, undertook the duty of Maitre d'Hotel in time and continues to work with the same title.

Süleyman Şen

Master Sommelier SÜLEYMAN ŞEN

All the wines in the Sunset cellar are very special. Such as One of the world's rarest and expensive wines, Château Mouton Rothschild's 1945 yield and Heidsieck & Co., the world's most precious and rare champagne aged deep in the Baltic sea and the 1907 crop of Monopole Goût Américain still await passionate wine lovers.

Süleyman Şen, who started working in Sunset in 1994, participated in Doluca's training program with his wild interest in wine. As he got to know the wines and share his knowledge with the guests, his passion for wine increased day by day. Süleyman Şen, who continued to his wine education and spent time in the vineyards on leave days, became the sommelier by passing three stages of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), based in London.


Marios Tsouris

Culinary Director MARIOS TSOURIS

A Culinary Bridge to Istanbul

From the sparkling kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants to the pinnacle dining establishments of global metropolises, Marios Tsouris has showcased his sushi mastery in Paris and Athens at Nobu since 2001. His culinary journey includes refining his skills during his time at the three-starred Lasarte, leading the kitchen as head chef at Gaia Restaurant in Hong Kong, and making his mark as an Executive Chef at Mykonos Solymar, propelling his name in the gastronomic world.

His influential role in the establishment of COYA helped bridge culinary cultures in cities like Doha, Dubai, London, and Paris. Tsouris also served as a consultant during the openings of Kalamata in Paris and Cannes, proudly carrying the flag for Greek cuisine. Now, he writes new stories as the Culinary Director at Sunset Grill & Bar in his beloved Istanbul.



That Sunset Grill&Bar has been a member of the Châine des Rôtisseurs since 1999?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was the only restaurant invited from Turkey by the James Beard Foundation in New York City to prepare delicious selections from Turkish Cuisine?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was the first restaurant to add a Sushi Bar in 1999?
That Sunset Grill&Bar started growing its own herbs on it on premises garden in 2002?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was selected among the “Best Restaurants in Istanbul” by the Zagat Survey of European cities in 2002 and then again in 2009? Also, in 2009, Sunset Grill&Bar received the highest points among all non-hotel restaurants in Istanbul.
That Sunset Grill&Bar purchased Turkey’s most valuable and precious wine collection in 2004?
That Sunset Grill&Bar, in cooperation with internationally acclaimed Turkish contemporary artist Burhan Doğançay and Villeroy&Boch, produced a limited edition of plates designed with Mr. Doğançay’s “Ribbons” series of paintings in 2008? That a section of the plates were sold for the museum benefit and the rest were reserved for use at Sunset?
That Sunset Grill & Bar produced new plates with 6 different paintings of “Ribbons” series due to high demand for the previous plates produced with Burhan Doğançay and Villeroy & Boch cooperation in 2008? That these plates were offered for sale for the benefit of Doğançay Art Culture and Education Association? That the earnings from this sale was for supporting especially primary school children to learn about art?
That Sunset Grill&Bar – in celebration of the 15th anniversary of our restaurant - produced a limited edition of red wines called “Sunset Dreamin” at our vineyards in Bozcaada in 2009 and that the labels were designed by the internationally acclaimed Turkish contemporary artist Burhan Doğançay’s “Walls” series of paintings?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was selected at the “Best Fine Dining Restaurant” in Istanbul in a survey conducted by Milliyet Newspaper in 2011?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was honored with “Award of Excellence” in 2011 by Wine Spectator, one of the most important authorities in wine world.
That Sunset Grill&Bar hosted Portofino Splendido Hotel’s chefs Corrado Corti and Roberto Villa in 2012 and that the chefs offered the delicacies of Liguria to Sunset guests for a week?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was reviewed in 2012 October issue of Financial Times with the comment “On Friday night in Istanbul, the panoramic terrace of Sunset Grill & Bar is heaving with the glamour crowd. They are drawn by stunning views over the Bosphorus Strait and by the creative menu of Turkish, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine – as well as a wine cellar that surpasses many of France’s top restaurants.”
That Sunset Grill&Bar built upon its previous year’s success and was honored with “Best Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator magazine in 2012?
That Sunset Grill&Bar organized a gastronomy night in 2013 and hosted Italian Chef Massimiliano Alajmo, the youngest chef to be awarded with three Michelin stars and his team?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was included in “World's Best Wine Lists Awards 2014” by The World of Fine Wine magazine?
That Sunset Grill&Bar was honored with “The Best Business Meal” award by Time Out Istanbul in 2014?
That Sunset Grill&Bar hosted Moët & Chandon’s world-renowned chef Bernard Dance for its 20th anniversary in 2014 and offered a special menu for its guests?
That Sunset Grill&Bar hosted Michelin starred famous chef Joel Garault and his team from Monte Carlo La Société des Bains de Mer’s (SBM) Hermitage Hotel, which is owned by Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and offered a special menu for Gastronomy Week on its 20th anniversary in 2014?
That Sunset Grill&Bar honored the responsibility of being an icon of modern world and created a project with famous artist Günseli Kato for its 20th anniversary in 2014? That Günseli Kato created a sushi collection for Sunset in which she exhibited fineness of Japanese art?
That for its 20th anniversary in 2014, Sunset Grill&Bar relaunched its limited edition Sunset Dreamin series specially produced by Suvla to embrace its family roots and honor the past and matched the labels of the wines again with various works of world-renowned contemporary artist Burhan Doğançay?
That Sunset Grill&Bar joined “Green Generation Restaurant Movement” audits that was initiated by WWF Turkey, Boğaziçi University, TURYİD, Beşiktaş Municipality and Unilever, and became a “Green Generation Restaurant” in 2015?
That Sunset Grill&Bar renewed its concept and started serving lunches at the renovated bar area as Sunset Brasserie in 2015?
That in 2015, Sunset Grill&Bar started publishing lifestyle magazine “SUNSETTER” offering the latest gastronomy and entertainment news from Turkey and the World along with the news from Sunset in order to share 21 years’ worth of memories and experience?
That Sunset Grill&Bar kept up with its previous success and won the “Best Award of Excellence” of Wine Spectator magazine in 2016?
That Sunset Grill&Bar donated the revenue from its anniversary event to Boğaziçi University Foundation, just like it did in the last 12 years, in order to create scholarship for students? That Sunset contributed to the education of more than 200 students until today?


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