From The Sea

Grilled Fresh Lobster
Grilled Red Shrimps "Caranineros" from Mersin with Lemon, Lime, Saffron Aioli
Whole Sea Bass roasted with Thyme, Lemon, Garlic, Olives and Olive Oil (2KG)
Roasted Black Cod marinated with Miso Sauce, Daikon and Pickled Ginger
Daily Mixed Grilled Seafood with Wild Mushroom Risotto, Orange Oil, Mediterranean Greens, Cherry Tomatoes and Lemon
Monkfish Medaillons Sauteed with Capsicum Jam, Local Olives Tapenade, Basil Oil and Balsamico
Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Wild Mushroom Risotto and Asian Red Wine Sauce
Grilled Wild Sea Bass with Miso Sauce and Reduced Balsamic
Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Ginger and Sweet Potato Puree, Red Capsicum Jam, Mustard Oil and Micro Coriander
Thai Style Red Curry Seafood served in Coconut Shell with Tumeric Foam
Grilled Sea Bass Cheeks with Mesclun Greens and Saffron Aioli
From The Sea


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