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Ribbons Series Burhan Doğançay

We collaborated with Villeroy & Boch in 2008 and 2011 for two limited edition plate collections decorated with patterns from the world-renowned Turkish contemporary artist Burhan Doğançay’s Ribbons series of paintings.

While we use some of them for service at Sunset, the remaining plates are offered for sale for the benefit of Doğançay Art, Culture and Education Foundation.

You can use our Online Store for your orders.

Sibbon Series - Burhan Doğanaçay
Aubusson Tapestry

Aubusson Tapestry Burhan Doğançay

Adorning one of the Sunset’s walls is one of the first paintings from world-renowned Turkish contemporary artist Burhan Doğançay’s Ribbons series woven at L’Atelier Raymong Picaud in Aubusson as part of a 13-piece tapestry collection.

Other pieces of the same collection are currently included in the permenant collections of Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe in Munich and Museum Bellervie in Zürich.

Eight Thousand Miles of Home Lightings

Shining on top of Sunset’s bar is the Eight Thousand Miles of Home by Ango Design which was originally intended for the Arts and Design Museum in New York.

The installation consists of around 8 thousand silkworm cocoons assembled on a hand soldered wire matrix.

Eight Thousand Miles of Home - Lightings
Maxxi Poppy - Lightings

Maxxi Poppy Lightings

The stunning Maxi Poppy lightings at Sunset’s terrace were produced in 2011 by Viabizzuno in collaboration with stARTT, a famous architectural firm in Rome.

Sunset is the first restaurant in the world to use Maxi Poppy lightings at which were initially designed for the Maxxi National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome designed by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

Laurent Bolognini Variation #2

Although trained as a photographer at the Societé Française de Photographie, the world-renowned French artist Laurent Bolognini continued his career as a lighting designer and became one of the most prominent representatives of Kinetic Art movement.

His works are included in many significant art collections in Europe, including Mac/Val Museum in France and the Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul.

Laurent Bolognini - Variation #2
Life is Beautiful - Bedri Baykam

Life is Beautiful Bedri Baykam

One of the most famous Turkish artists in the world Bedri Baykam has been exhibiting his work internationally since he was a child in 1960s.

One of the pioneers of New-Expressionism and graffiti art in the 80’s, Baykam’s work was shown in several museums and galleries around the world, such as the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, the Pinacotheque Museum in Paris, die Academie der Kunste in Berlin, as well as several Biennales such as Venice, Buenos Aires and Cairo.


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