World of Classics

BELLINI Prosecco, White Peach Purée, Moet&Chandon, White Peach Purée
ROSSINI Prosecco, Strawberry Purée, Moet&Chandon, Strawberry Purée
MOJITO Havana Club 3 Anos, lime, fresh mint, sugar , soda
MARGARITA Olmeca Blanco, Cointreau, lime juice
CAIPIRINHA Janeiro Cachaça, lime, sugar
WHISKEY SOUR Joint Bourbon, sugar, lime juice, Angostura bitter
COSMOPOLITAN Belvedere, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice
OLD FASHION Joint Bourbon, Angostura bitter, sugar
BARREL AGED NEGRONI Beefeater gin, campari, garrone rosso
WHITE LADY Plymouth gin, cointreau, fresh lemon juice
MANHATTAN Joint Bourbon, Garrone Rosso, Angostura bitter
MARTELL MULE Martell VS, ginger ale, lime juice
World of Classics


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