Dear Sunset Friends,

Our health is more important than anything...

Considering the extraordinary situation all over the world, we have decided to temporarily close our doors that have not been closed for 25 years under any circumstances. This decision we make is for the safety of our valued guests and employees.

Hope to see you on healthy days.

Sashimi & Sashimi Plates

Maguro Tuna Fish
Toro Finest Fatty Tuna
Suzuki Seabass
Ika Squid
Shake Salmon
Shime Saba Mackarel
Chu Toro Fatty Tuna
Miso Shiru Fermented Soy Bean Soup
Jho Sashimi Moriawase Special Assortment (Shake, Suzuki, Tako, Toro)
Sashimi Moriawase Mixed Sashimi (Shake, Maguro, Kani, Ika)
Sashimi & Sashimi Plates


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